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How To Transfer Airtime On MTN, Airtel And Glo

transfer airtime on mtn, airtel, glo
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Airtime transfer is one of the exciting features on any mobile networks which allows you to share airtime with friends or families and also saves the stress of search around for airtime in your area, here is a quick guide to transfer airtime on MTN, Airtel and Glo sim cards respectively.

How To Check MTN Number

How To Transfer Airtime On MTN

You can Transfer Airtime on MTN using the MTN Share feature also known as Share n’ Sell. MTN share is a feature that allows you to transfer airtime to other MTN customers for free with no charges applied. There are various ways you can transfer airtime on MTN by using USSD or SMS


To transfer airtime using USSD just dial *777*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then send. For example, you’ll dial *777*08031234567*1500*1234#. And when the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful.


You can also transfer airtime using SMS, just follow the procedure;

  • Open your Messaging app and Send an SMS like Transfer + Recipient’s Number + Amount and PIN (without the “+” sign) to 777. For example (Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234) to 777.

Upon sending this message, you will receive an SMS asking you to confirm that you want to make the transfer by replying to the SMS with ‘YES’ back 777.

Before you can transfer airtime to any MTN customers you must change your transfer PIN. The default PIN is 0000.

To Change your MTN Share PIN

Send an SMS with your Default PIN + New PIN + New PIN to 777. For example (0000 1234 1234) to 777.

You can also change your PIN by dialing the USSD code *777*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#.

Immediately you change your PIN using any of the options above, you will receive an SMS immediately informing you that your PIN was changed successfully.

Check Airtel Number

How To Transfer Airtime On Airtel

The simple and most easiest way to transfer airtime on Airtel is by using the Airtel Me2U feature, Airtel Me2U don’t just transfer airtime only, you can also share data using the same feature, but don’t let us go into that. There is only one simply way to transfer airtime on Airtel which is by using SMS.

  • To transfer airtime kindly navigate to your Messaging app on your device and send the SMS 2u + Airtel Number + Amount + PIN to 432, For Example (2u 0XXXXXXXXXX 100 2021) and send to 432.

The credit will be transferred immediately. You will get an instant SMS to notify you of the transfer while the recipient also gets a notification too.

Before you can transfer airtime on Airtel you must change your Default PIN

Change Your Airtel Me2U PIN

Your Airtel default Me2U PIN is 1234 which you cannot be used to make transfers, and to change your Airtel default “Me2U PIN”, you’ll also have to use your Messaging app, just send the message PIN – Default PIN – New PIN. which is (PIN 1234 2021) send to 432. You will then get a notification that your new PIN is 2020.

If done, you can now transfer airtime on Airtel to other numbers.

Check Glo Data Balance

How to Transfer Airtime On Glo

You can transfer airtime on Glo using Glo EasyShare. Glo EasyShare allows you to transfer airtime to your friend or families instantly to any Glo Network. There are two different ways to transfer airtime on Glo Network

  • To Transfer Airtime, dial *131*Phone Number*Amount*Password#. For example, (*131*08155570458*75*12345#). You will then receive a successful notification via text message once the transfer is completed. Default password is 00000.
  • To change your Default PIN just Dial *132*Default PIN*New PIN*New PIN#, For Example (*132*00000*12345*12345#)

And here are the various ways to transfer airtime on MTN, Airtel and Glo Network.

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